Water Testing and Sewer Scope

Water Testing

Does your home have a private well? Wanting to test your community well? Just need the piece of mind that the local water is safe? 

A water test will help!

Basic Test

Basic water test checks for E-Coli and Coliform bacterias.

Advanced Test

Advanced water test also checks for Nitrates and Nitrites (Fertilizers and Manure)

Sewer Line Inspection

A sewer line inspection, also called a sewer scope, is performed by inserting a camera on the end of long cable down the sewer line to detect breaks, clogs, settlement, etc. 

The only way to know sewer line integrity = Sewer Scope

There is no other reliable way to know the integrity of the sewer lines without having them scoped.

Potential Major Expense

Sewer line repair/replacement can be very expensive ($4500-10k+). Identify issues in your potential new home before moving forward.