Radon released

Radon is released from the earth due to the breakdown of Uranium over millions of years.

#2 Leading Cause of Lung Cancer

The EPA estimates over 20,000 deaths a year are attributed to lung cancer caused by radon gas.

Colorado = Higher Radon Levels

Levels above the 4.0 pCi/L warning level are not uncommon for this area.

Thick MIL plastic traps in crawlspace

Thick Mil plastic is used in crawlspaces to help capture radon and an inline fan helps pump the toxic gas outside.

Mitigation fan exhausts to exterior

The fan is exhausted at the roof edge to dilute the gas into the outside air.

Radon Mitigation performance check INCLUDED with home inpsection

Already have a radon mitigation system installed? We check mitigation systems for  needed functional maintenance, included with all inspections if present.